The beer brand 'Natural Light', commonly referred to as "Natty Light", is giving away a ton of money to help people get rid of their student loans.

Student loans are something that weigh on people's minds plenty. I know it's on my mind constantly. I think about all the things I could be doing with that money that gets drawn from my checking account every month. It's a frustrating experience. Well the Anheuser-Busch beer brand 'Natural Light' has launched a sweepstakes campaign aimed to take down some of that debt.

$40,000 will be given out to 25 lucky winners throughout the contest. To be entered in the contest, you have to post a video to social media talking about your inspiration of going to college. It has to include the hashtags #NattyStories and #Contest plus in the video needs to be a shot of the new green pull-tabs from limited edition cans. You can also just print out a sheet of paper with the green tab on it from the Natural Light Website.

The campaign is built around the idea of your college stories standing the test of time, but not the debt. Which is a great concept when you consider that there's over a TRILLION dollars of student debt out there, according to the Federal Reserve.


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