Ne-Yo, along with his protegés RaVaughn and Candice Boyd, managed to tell a dramatic love tale in a little under five minutes, which is really impressive.

The song is called "More Than I Should: An Audio Soap Opera," where the R&B star has a woman he's in love with, but he also pines for his female best friend.

"Damn, you just my homie / But I love the way you hold me down / Shouldn't be feeling how I'm feeling now / 'Cause you got me liking you way more than I should," sings Ne-Yo.

From there, RaVaughn, who plays the part of the platonic friend, expresses guilt, because she's starting to like Ne-Yo as well.

"Now I'm feeling filthy / When I didn't know her, it was something else, but now I'm feeling all guilty / 'Cause she cool as hell, but I still find myself, liking you way more than I should," she sings.

In the end, Ne-Yo's woman, played by Candice Boyd, closes out the song and provides an extremely interesting twist that we won't reveal.

You can listen to the inventive cut below to see how it unfolds and look out for the R&B crooner's new album, which is supposed to drop later this year.

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