Exciting new releases this week, so break out the man-scera Adam Lambert is back with  Trespassing.

I have been very open about the fact that when Adam Lambert was on American Idol I was not a fan of his at all. Sorry to all his very passionate fans, but his screaming was annoying.

He must have got the message because he has toned it down nicely and actually shown that he has some real music chops.


Check out the list below with some highlights of some other  new releases this week. Quite a variety from Tenacious- D to Glee .

1) Lisa Marie Presley "Storm & Grace"- Oh boy here we go again with her trying to sing. good luck with that!

2)Santana "Shape Shifter" (instrumental album; only one song features vocals from Santana's lead vocalists, Andy Vargas and Tony Lindsay)-Great background music for the summer BBQ's's.

3)Tenacious D "Rize of the Fenix" (their first album since 2006)-You gotta love Jack Black!

4) Various artists "Glee: The Music, Season Three — The Graduation Album"-On every Glee fans list!

5)Various artists     "Occupy This Album" (featuring Crosby & Nash, Devo, Jackson Browne, Tom Morello, Debbie Harry)-Old School Classic Acts!