Are flying cars just a fantasy? Is it something left only for cartoon characters living in Orbit City? Maybe not, a new law in Minnesota allows for flying cars to use state roads and highways, no joke.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed into law a bipartisan transportation bill package that includes new rules on how the state will deal with "roadable aircraft", or an airplane that can be driven to and from a private landing strip or airport.

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To be clear, this does not mean that flying cars would be able to take off and land from Minnesota state roads or highways, but it will create a method of registration for these types of vehicles, and it lays the rules in place that drivers of flying cars would need to obey the traffic laws the same as any other car, truck, bicycle or motorcycle.

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Minnesota is only the second state to pass legislation regulating flying cars, New Hampshire was the first, they passed what is known as the "Jetson Bill" in 2020.

Samson Sky
Samson Sky

Sampson Sky is one of a few companies in the world currently making a flying car, they provided input to the Minnesota's Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee about the new law, they make the Samson Sky Switchblade Flying Sports Car.

The Switchblade is an electric/gas hybrid that can be fueled up at any gas station, it uses unleaded gas versus the leaded aviation fuel, and it has a range of 500 miles on a single tank of gas. The wings and tail of the aircraft store inside the car when in drive mode, giving owners the ability to land the aircraft and instantly transform it into a road legal car that can reach speeds of 125 MPH.

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