As we count down the days of 2015, we look ahead at new laws for Minnesota. Some of these laws could have noticeable effects on the daily life of Minnesotans. 

New laws:

  • Medical marijuana - Minnesotans diagnosed with intractable pain will become eligible to use medical marijuana to treat the disease. The added condition could bolster enrollment numbers and make the drug cheaper for cannabis patients.
  • Insurance required for vehicle registration - To try and lower the rate of uninsured motorists on Minnesota roads, the state will require proof of insurance for drivers registering any motor vehicle or motorcycle beginning Jan. 1. The rule will also apply when transferring vehicle ownership.
  • More transparency for hospital financial aid - In recent years The IRS began requiring nonprofit hospitals to tell patients about their financial assistance options before they take extraordinary collection efforts (things like wage garnishment or using a debt collection agency). Under this new law, a patient can bring an action against a hospital that used extraordinary collection efforts and has not provided, in plain language, a summary of their financial assistance policy

Those are just some of the laws that will be taking place effective January 1, 2016. You can see a list of all the new laws below thanks to the House of Representatives and let me know what you think of these new laws in the comments.