A new winter event scheduled to start in two-weeks has just been canceled due to lack of winter.

The Minnesota Ice Festival was planned for TCO Stadium at the Minnesota Vikings headquarters in Eagan, the event was expected to open on January 5th, but due to the unseasonably warm weather, organizers have scrapped the event.

The event was planning on using over 2 million pounds of ice during the event, including an attempt at a world record ice maze, but those plans will have to be put on hold until Mother Nature decides to play along.

Event organizers say that safety concerns and event aesthetics are their reasons for the abrupt cancellation. Robbie Harrell the CEO of Minnesota Ice says, "As the weather warms, it's important for anyone attending events featuring large ice or snow structures to exercise extreme caution. Warmer temperatures can affect the stability of these structures, potentially making them hazardous."

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp
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Despite the Minnesota Ice Festival being canceled for this year, Minnesota Ice says it's already "crafting icy wonders for 2025." The new festival was created after the success of the ice maze that was built at the Vikings' campus last year.

The plan was to build an 18,000-square-foot ice maze, that would have shattered the world record currently held by a 13,000-square-foot maze that was built in Buffalo, NY in 2010. The ice for the event had already been delivered to TCO for the event, so event organizers say that if the weather cooperates, they say, "We’re hoping we will be able to use the ice in a celebration with the public at some point later this winter."

Automatic refunds will be issued for anyone who already purchused tickets for the event, look for those refunds in the next 7-10 days.

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