Wow what a week in music, well maybe if you have really eclectic taste or you like the reissues of older music. High Laurie form the show house can sing? Who would of thought?

1.) Hugh Laurie (former "House" star) : "Didn't It Rain" (guests: Taj Mahal, Gaby Moreno, Jean McClain) Surprise, surprise Hugh is more than an actor who played a grumpy doctor but, I also had no idea that he has an English accent either...multi-talented.

2.) KT Tunstall: "Invisible Empire / Crescent Moon" I know one person here at Mix 108 who is super excited for this release, Tony Hart is a huge KT Fan! Her haunting voice is amazing and strong with her latest single Invisible Empire check it out below.

3.) Various artists: "NOW That's What I Call Music! 47″ (20 tracks)- Per usual huge artists and all your favorites like: Icona Pop, Justin Timberlake, Capitol Cities, Demi Lovato, Calvin Harris and more. For details click here

Other Music Out This Week:

-Foreigner: "Head Games [Vinyl]" (1979 album; remastered)

-John Mellencamp:"ICON: Nothing Like I Planned – Greatest Hits Vol. 3″ (11 tracks)

-Elvis Presley: "The Complete '50s Albums Collection" (109 songs), "Prince From Another Planet" (2012 compilation; 47 songs)