The time has come, a week with a huge variety of artists and music, including a popular hairband that has not only made a comeback, but sounds exactly the same.

1.) Drake Bell : “Ready, Steady, Go!”  : This all around guy can sing and act, maybe that is why Justin Bieber tried to crash his album release party. His latest release has been hailed by critics as refreshing and mature.

2.) Future: “Honest” (guests: Kanye West, Andre 3000, Pharrell Williams, Drake, Lil Wayne) With an all star line up of guest.... Future looks awful bright!

3.) Neon Trees: “Pop Psychology”: I love everything about this band, I hope that they continue to make music for years to come. I love the retro feel and "Sleeping with a friend" is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs, and the fashion sense of the band cannot be beat!

4.) Winger : “Better Days Comin’” : It has been 5 years since Kip Winger and the boys put out an album, yes it was 5 years not 20, but they have not missed a beat. If you sit back you may be transported back to the late 80's or early 90's. Let's hope they go on tour this summer. Fingers crossed.


-Jermaine Jackson :“Dynamite (Bonus Track Version)“ (1984 album; with five bonus tracks), “Precious Moments (Bonus Track Version)“ (1986 album; with five bonus tracks)

-Soft Cell: “The Very Best of Soft Cell“ (19 songs)