It has been a really long time since I was really excited for some new music releases, but the time has finally come, especially for J-HUDS new album.

1.) Lenny Kravitz : “Strut” : Lenny said that he found inspiration for theses songs while filming the "Hunger Games" , and on his return to the Bahamas he began recording. This album has been touted as fun and upbeat, we are just glad Lenny is back!

2.) Jennifer Hudson: “JHUD” (guests: R. Kelly, Timbaland, T.I.)- I cannot stop listening to this album, I love the pace of her more up beat songs especially her collaboration with Iggy Azalea. I stand by the fact that I believe she is one of the most under rated performers from American Idol. She is amazing....check it out!

3.) John Mellencamp  : “Plain Spoken” (his 22nd full-length album; producer: T Bone Burnett) it is hard to believe how much music Mellencamp has put out to date. For his fans this will be a great addition to their collection.


-Erasure : “The Violet Flame”

-Information Society :“_hello world” (includes a cover of Devo’s “Beautiful World,” feat. Gerald V Casale)

-The Offspring: “Playlist: The Offspring’s Greatest Hits”