As I am writing this I am watching Ellen interviewing Gwen Stefani and the band talking about their new album and the fact they have been together for 25 years! Wow, no small feat at that. Even though some bands take a break or do their own thing musically it is always welcomed when they get back together and do what they do best.

1.)No Doubt- "PUSH AND SHOVE"- (Their first album since 2001)- No Doubt has come back big on this latest album. Gwen did her own thing for a while, but said herself she missed the band and is happy they are back together and doing what they love. I love the fact that they still call themselves a garage band that no longer has to play in a garage.

2.)  Green Day- "iUNO!"- (part one of a trilogy of albums; "¡Dos!" comes out Nov. 13 and "¡Tré!" is due Jan. 15, 2013)-even though front man Billie Joe Armstrong through a major hissy fit while performing this past weekend in concert, and now is supposedly in rehab, many Greenday fans are ecstatic with this new album. Their latest single "Oh Love" reminds many of Green Days older sound.

3.) Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi guitarist)- "Aftermath of the Lowdown" Shedding the comfort of his band mates, Richie spreads his wings on this latest endeavor with his 3'rd solo album for those of you that are keeping count.

Other Releases Out Today:

Various artists     "NOW That's What I Call Today's Christmas!" (18 songs)

Various artists     "WOW Hits 2013 (Deluxe Edition)" (two CDs, 39 songs)