It is a great week for music lovers, with some big names coming into play and a big diversity of other artists and genres as well.

1.) Pharrell Williams : “G I R L”  -It has been a long time since I have been anxiously awaiting a full album to come out, and this is the one for me. Pharrell is a musical genius and a snappy dresser too. His latest single "Happy" is absolutely contagious.

2.) Rick Ross : “Mastermind”-Even though he is in a beef with 50 Cent right now over some Instagram photos, he has chosen to ignore the situation, and Rick Ross stays on top of the world with this latest album.

3.) Ashanti : “BraveHeart” (guests: R. Kelly, Busta Rhymes)- I love the sweet sound of Ashanti's voice, it's like a hot knife through butter, and with her latest collaborations this is a winner. Glad she is back in the game.


-Fuel - “Puppet Strings”

-Lea Michele (of “Glee”)-“Louder”

-Moby: “Innocents: Live at the Fonda, LA“





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