Very pop heavy this week with new releases from 'The Queen of Pop' who is still rocking it for being in her mid-fifties, U.K. artist Olly Murs keeping it unique and different and Country boy Luke Bryan getting ready for his last spring break.


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    Madonna - 'Rebel Heart'

    The Queen of Pop is back with her thirteenth album and I think she finally got it right this time with trying to stay relevant. It's current pop music mixed with a little bit of how she sounded in her prime and it's not too shabby. I'm surprised, but I actually really dig it, 4/5 red beards for Madonna's comeback CD.

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    Olly Murs - 'Never Been Better'

    Olly is on his fourth studio album and he is not slowing down. This album goes all over the pop genre and reminds me of Bruno Mars's 'Unorthodox Jukebox'. He's got dance-able songs, catchy songs and thought provoking songs on this one. 3.5/5 red beards, not to bad for being a runner up on 'The X-Factor' back in '09.

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    Luke Bryan - 'Spring Break...Checkin' Out'

    Looks like the "Country King of Spring Break" is hanging up the wet t-shirts as he gets ready for his final spring break. After eight years of performing during spring break, Bryan buys one more round for his loyal fans. I'm not the biggest country listener, but it wasn't too bad. 3/5 red beards for Bryan's farewell spring break album.

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