Let's be honest, most of the shows our kids watch are pretty uninteresting to us parents. Fortunately, my kids have outgrown the really young kids shows that tend to be the most painful to watch a million times over and over again. My eight year old daughter enjoys a lot of the shows that Netflix has in the kids section. I'll catch a few minutes of something here or there of what she's watching, but most of it isn't worth paying attention to. The other day, something caught my eye on a show she was watching.

Some bearded guy was using a Milwaukee brand impact driver in a shop putting together a giant wood structure. I asked my daughter, "What the heck are you watching?" She told me it was called "Making Fun," and it's this really cool new show.

So, I sat down and watched the rest of the episode with her, and I loved it.

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The show is about a group of skilled builders and artists that take on a challenge designed by a kid. Kids get to pitch their ideas, and when the guys find one they think they can pull off, they pick it. Then they get to work on building these ridiculous things. For example, the first one I watched was where they built a Dino Taco Toilet. It's a dinosaur that has a conveyor belt that brings tacos up through it's mouth and onto a toilet. Yeah, it's ridiculous.

The host of the show is Jimmy Derista, and he plays the grouchy boss who is in charge of the build. He's joined by some of his buddies, and they all work pretty well together.

Here's what I love about this show. It's interesting to see how they build stuff, my kid enjoys watching it. She's learning about building stuff even if she doesn't realize it. It has very good production. The guys are funny too! It's really a fun show to watch and now it's something we save to watch together as a family.

Take a look at the preview for yourself, and do yourself a favor and give it a watch with your kids.

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