What happens when Government goes crazy and decides it knows better than parents?  It bans kids from blowing up balloons!  At first I thought this story was a joke, but it isn't.

According to the new "EU toy safety directive" kids under the age of 8 not allowed to blow up balloons or use "Whistle blowers", the party favor that displays a long colored paper tongue and makes noise when blown into, under the age of 14.

This is being done "for the children" and their own safety or as  a European Commission spokesperson put it, "These safety standards have been agreed by the UK together with the other EU member states in order to prevent every parent's worst nightmare."  they also went on to say that "safety experts know best". Oh really?

Several other regulations also go into effect with this "safety directive" that have toy manufactures  adding safety tests which they say will increase the cost of those toys for the upcoming  holiday shopping season.


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