If you have dreams of becoming a hip hop star, but don't can't keep a beat or don't know how to rhyme; this app may be for you.

Smule, a smartphone app company specializing in "social music apps", has released a new application called "AutoRap". The app will record any spoken words and magically convert your ramblings into a rap song - music and all.

The app itself is free, with the option to purchase additional beats. To hear a real-life example of what sort of fun you can have with the app, I give you MIX 108's Fox David singing his new hit single "Sea Shells" (CLICK HERE)

While it isn't perfect, it is certainly a lot of fun! I had a good time walking around the office and getting random people to say something, playing it back to them in rap form. It's available for both iOS and Android devices.

Want to know a little more? Check out the official video from Smule below.

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