We are now one year into the pandemic and it's safe to say a lot has changed over the course of the year. Our diets have changed, along with our habits and the things we do for fun.

Many people have been drinking and eating more while being quarantined over the last year, especially when quarantine first began back in March of 2020. We were cooped up at home, bored and unable to go to our favorite restaurants and bars.

With that said, many started to make their own home a restaurant and bar, cooking more than ever before and making their own drinks. So which drink was the most popular at-home treat from then through the present day? The answers may surprise you.

For Minnesota, according to a study, the most popular pandemic cocktail is a White Russian. For Wisconsin, the most popular drink is an Old Fashioned.

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I guess there is nothing against either of these drinks, but in Minnesota's case, this seems to be very random. I guess if I really look into it, a White Russian is something you can craft and feel fancy all while inside your own home.

These answers were found as part a study, put together by travel rewards company Upgraded Points. To come to the conclusion of the study, the travel company looked at Google Trends to see which recipes we have been googling over the course of the past year.

I guess we are in the majority in Minnesota for the most part. A White Russian is the most popular pandemic cocktail in a handful of states while the Old Fashioned is one of the least.

As for the most popular pandemic cocktail? It looks like mimosas take the top spot there. Those are probably the easiest to make. We also probably got a bit lazy during quarantine, too!

By the way, just two months into quarantine, we were drinking much different things. I think we were a little bit more creative at the start of the pandemic. Ha!

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