Niall Horan shared his candid thoughts about fame and how it can affect people, especially solo stars like Justin Bieber.

In a new interview with Glamour UK posted on March 10, the "No Judgement" singer was asked how he handled his rise to fame. "To be fair, we [One Direction] had each other and I don’t think people realize the power of that actually,” he said.

"Like I watched Justin Bieber's new docuseries [YouTube's Seasons]... I know the guy I know quite well - and how it affected him, people didn't realize the pressure that he was under or things like that and I can relate to that 100%," he explained.

“We were always lucky that we had each other,” he confessed. “He had his manager and his security guy. We had our manager and our security team, but we also had each other to share the experience with. I always felt sorry for Justin in that respect.”

“We came from simple backgrounds and I think we had that in common which helped,” he said of 1D. “When it was all going on around us we were just kind of in our little bubble, chatting about how crazy it is. We couldn’t believe where we were all the time, we never really saw ourselves as these big celebrities that was more of an outsider looking in type thing. We were just in this little fishbowl having a great time and all the madness was going on around us.”

Watch the interview, below.

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