The trailer for Nick Carter’s ‘90s boyband-starring zombie movie has finally arrived, just two weeks before Dead 7 is set to air. It's a risky move to have hardly any buildup paired with such minimal promo, but perhaps a movie so obviously riding the permanently-in-vogue wave of nostalgia doesn’t need hype.

Dead 7 — written and directed by Carter, who also stars in it — has a cast comprised of old oughties almost-favorites: Members of the mostly-defunct boybands from yesteryear (NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, sure, but 98 Degrees and O-Town singers also made the cut) have been cast as heroes, villains and everything in between.

The trailer gives viewers a sense of the movie's tone: If you'd originally prepared yourself to watch a film bereft of the campy charm inherent in most original SyFy horror movies, fear not. Dead 7 appears to have a higher production value than many of its predecessors, without sacrificing the humor.

Joey Fatone -- the true film veteran of the group, with bit parts in movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and On The Line --  plays sidekick to Carter’s hero, while AJ McLean is tasked with the role of “apprentice to the main villain," according to PEOPLE.

But if you're still somehow unsure of whether or not you should tune in to Dead 7, here's a fun fact for you: Carter reportedly worked closely with The Asylum, the production company who helmed the cult phenomenon Sharknado.

Check out the full trailer above, and be sure to watch Dead 7 when it airs on SyFy on April 1.

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