With David Letterman hanging it up after decades of entertaining audiences, it got me thinking about my favorite Late Show moments. This one by far stands out as my personal favorite.

I don't know if it is because I'm a Minnesota boy, or if it was just that funny, but I remember laughing so hard over this. In the mid 1990s, David's show went on an adventure to feature each state, where the audience would be from the state of the night, and the show would have some bits dedicated to that state.

I vividly remember staying up one night as a kid with my brother, sister, and visiting cousins; watching this particular show. We all laughed so hard about "Uncle" Don Shelby's gopher bit and Kirby Puckett's top 10 list. Looking back on it now, I still get quite a laugh. I can say I appreciate much of the humor now even more than I did when I was younger...you know, now that I am old enough to get all of the nuances of the segment.

Anyway, check it out! Do you remember this episode? What was your favorite Letterman moment? Leave yours in the comments.

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