OMG you guys, you'll like never guess what happened to Nick Lachey after school today. He totally got kicked out of a San Diego Chargers football game. WHATTA REBEL!


Seems Lachey -- 98 Degrees singer, Vanessa Minnillo impregnator and former Mr. Jessica Simpson -- was booted from a Chargers game on Sunday after engaging in some serious trash talk that apparently crossed the line.

His angelic reputation proudly tarnished, he immediately took to Twitter to brag about the incident, catapulting him to the status of the coolest kid in junior high.


But Lachey says the man in front of him was the one flapping his gums and he was kicked out for getting in his face about it.


He also claims he has no beef with Chargers fans overall:


Damn, Nick. Way to dull your new-found edge. You'll NEVER be Prom King now.

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