Nicki Minaj has revealed the cover art for her ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ album, which is slated for release on April 3. Surprisingly, for an LP that is supposed to be recorded mainly in the voice of Nicki’s unforgiving, crazed alter ego Roman Zolanski, the cover art is bright and colorful.

It looks as if Minaj is channeling her inner Kesha, Robyn or Lady Gaga with her intricately painted face and bleach blond hair. The splattered paint effect against the stark white background also makes us think of Willow‘s video for ‘Whip My Hair.’ The text below the picture of Nicki, who is staring us down wearing her colorful makeup and mega lashes, kind of looks like something you’d see on an old-school Lisa Frank folder.

Overall, it definitely isn’t what we were picturing, but it’s fun and vibrant, just like Nicki herself. Also, it’s worth noting that despite her hard demeanor, Minaj is known for wearing bright colors and is also a product of the ’90s, so this style of artwork shouldn’t be too much of a shocker.

So far, Minaj has released three confirmed tracks off of ‘Roman Reloaded,’ including the title track, which is a collabo with Lil Wayne, the bubbly, radio-friendly ‘Starships,’ and the ultimate diss track ‘Stupid H–.’ Stay tuned for the full confirmed track list once it’s released.

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