You've already spent years of your life wishing and praying your girlfriend was hot like Nicole Scherzinger. Sure. But have you ever wished your girlfriend would shoot a crossbow mid-split split like her, too?

You most certainly do now.

If you haven't already tuned in at some point, Miss Scherzy Baby can currently be found on a variety show called I Can Do That! on NBC alongside Jackie diva Ciara, Joe Jonas and Cheryl Burke, in which the celebrity panel puts their previously untapped skillsets to the test on stage every week. (If you've ever had the urge to see a Brother Jonas painted as a Blue Man, or CiCi and Cheryl learn to double dutch, now's your chance!)

During this week's show, the "Club Banger Nation" Pussycat Doll-turned-solo pop goddess decided to flaunt her flexibility — something we've been well acquainted with ever since the days of PCD. But why not add an element of...danger to the mix? That's right: Scherzy's got a gun (well, a crossbow), and as it turns out, the CATS starlet knows how to deliver a most masterful shot.

You've never seen a crossbow shot like this before! I Can Do That is all-new TONIGHT at 10/9c on NBC.

Posted by I Can Do That on Tuesday, June 9, 2015


That apple never stood a chance. Seriously. She's almost too good.

Surely this isn't the first time Scherzinger's fired a crossbow at something (and/or someone), is it? Was this how she reacted when Pussycat Melody Thornton tried to shade Scherzinger's "featuring" credit? Also, is there still time to write in a femme fatale role in the upcoming Bond movie?

One thing's for sure: She's got that poison, that boomerang and she's got that crossbow, and she sure as hell knows what to do with all of 'em.

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