In their latest webisode leading up to the Sept. 25 release of ‘Push and Shove,’ No Doubt share a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their cover art (shown left).

The webisode opens with footage of a skate park and with the California coast the band has called home since its inception, then takes us into the studio, where we catch a glimpse of white boards, computer screens and, lastly, the band.

“Today’s gonna be fun because we’re meeting with the artist who’s going to be doing artwork for the album,” frontwoman Gwen Stefani said. “His name is El Mac; he is a street artist. He’s actually from Arizona, but he has murals that he’s done here in L.A. and all around the world,” she continued. “Today he’s coming to meet with the band, hear some songs, get a vibe,” a sleepy-sounding Stefani added, before showing her first semblance of emotion and breaking out into a grin. “I’m really excited about it!”

Mac’s idea was to catch the band members’ faces, and he specified, perhaps for the ultra-stylish Stefani, that wardrobe wouldn’t matter as a result. We’re then treated to shots of the band getting their hair and makeup done, though, once more, Stefani is already glam — just as she said in her Harper’s Bazaar interview, the gal loves her cosmetics (she even admits being unable to decide between a red or a nude lip).

Mac not only paints his own artwork, but he also takes the photos on which they’re based himself as well, allowing for pretty much complete artistic control and the exact desired result without any middlemen involved. Guitarist Tom Dumont explained, “It’s really simple. There’s not really a theme other than beautiful, unique portraits of each of us.”

Not only did the band get an album cover out of the deal, but they each got to take a piece of the project back with them. Bassist Tony Kanal revealed, “We’re each going to get the original piece of artwork to hang in our homes.”

Watch the whole clip to see how the artwork comes together. It’s not what we were expecting, but it’s awesome!

Go Behind the Scenes of No Doubt’s Album Cover in New Webisode

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