It seems that rock band No Doubt have a different kind of exciting happening in their lives aside from their 2012 Teen Choice Award announcement. No Doubt is currently involved in a lawsuit with video gaming giant Activision Publishing Inc., known for games such as ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II,’ ‘X-Men Destiny,’ ‘Spiderman: Edge of Time’ and so many more. Let’s just say if you’ve played a video game it’s more than likely you’ve played an Activision game.

The aforementioned lawsuit is over the use of No Doubt’s likeness in the video game ‘Band Hero,’ one much like ‘Guitar Hero’ or ‘Rock Band.’ Back in 2009, at the release of the video game, the band sued the company, claiming the game turned “into a virtual karaoke circus act.” No Doubt asserted they were never told that gamers would be allowed access to unlock the avatars of the band in order to perform other artists’ music.

To this, Activision explained that the feature of ‘unlocking’ various levels, characters or abilities in a video game has been around for years, since the beginning of the gaming industry actually. Don’t we all remember when we supposedly were able to unlock Bill Clinton in NBA Jam? Oh, the good old days.

As per usual, the lawyers of each side claim that their case is strong and inevitably will win. No Doubt’s attorney, Bert Deixler, expressed that the band has won the right to move forward with the case by both the state and appellate courts.

Meanwhile, the attorney representing Activision, Jeffrey McFarland, believes that the company’s defense is very strong, even going so far as to claim that Activision has a video recording of No Doubt being told about the game’s unlockable features.

Underneath it all, who knows what the outcome will be. Yet one thing is certain, enjoy the game while you can.

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