An artist is claiming their artwork was stolen for Noah Cyrus' recent song cover.

On Monday (January 6), the person published a Twitter thread alleging that one of his customers passed off his work as his own. It was reportedly used as the cover art for the singer's single "July" featuring Leon Bridges, which was released in November.

"Today, I found out one of my customers had passed off MY work as his own," they tweeted.

The person shared the message with two images to confirm the stolen image — and based on the pics, their artwork and Cyrus' song cover are exactly the same. It features two characters who look a lot like her and Bridges.

"Mr Jeffrey Hidy has blocked me since then," the artist explained. "He reached out and was really nice about everything. Said he wanted to commission a piece for his friend’s birthday."

They went on to say their artwork is "for personal use only. not commercial."

"I was not made aware that this would be used outside of personal use," they continued." aka: be claimed as HIS OWN WORK, to be used for Noah Cyrus & Leon Bridges’ song as cover art. So far I’ve seen this on Noah’s, Leon’s, sir plagiariser’s himself as well as on Spotify."

"I asked if I could post the work on my page, which he said no to. Now i know why lol," the person added. "To be clear, I didn’t realize it was a picture of Noah Cyrus until halfway through doing the commission, but I didn’t think much of it. I really should have lmao."

The artist said they were paid $50 for the artwork.

Cyrus nor Bridges have commented on the alleged theft, but as of right now, the artwork still appears as the song's cover on Spotify, Apple Music Amazon Music, as well as the pop star's YouTube page.

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