Normani politely declined to answer a question about Camila Cabello during an interview with Fader.

In the new cover story, the "Motivation" hitmaker opened up about her early days with Fifth Harmony and exactly where she stands with Cabello following the pop star's abrupt departure from the group in 2016.

The reporter noted that when they asked Normani to comment on whether or not the group knew the "Seniorita" singer was leaving 5H, she said she'd rather not talk about it. Instead, she provided them with an update on their friendships, revealing there aren't any hard feelings towards Cabello.

“We're all on good terms,” she said. “Conversations have obviously been had. I spoke to her at the Billboard Music Awards. I saw her again at the VMAs, and no bad blood at all.”

Elsewhere in the Fader interview, Normani explained that being a member of 5H restricted her as an artist, candidly admitting she often felt like she played a supporting role in the group.

“I don't feel like while I was in the group anyone saw the truest version of me,” she says. “I wasn't allowed the opportunity to showcase that. I'm not able to go in in the way that I want to [because] of what the group was," she said. “It's like, Okay, well, what do I not have to offer that everybody else is able to?”

“All that I ever asked is just for the opportunity to become Normani... just give me the opportunity to prove that I can be the best that I can be," she added. "I’m not going to be the best anybody else; that’s just an unrealistic ask. That I can be the best that I can be — that’s all I have to offer.”

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