If you have taken a ride on the North Shore Scenic Railroad, you know the views can be spectacular, but later this year you'll be able to experience the ride in a whole new way.

Coming later this summer the North Shore Scenic Railroad will add Domecar #551 to First Class service on the Duluth Zephyr and Elegant Dinner Trains. The addition of the new 'Sky View' car will allow the railroad to move their Silver Club Dome Car for use on the train to Two Harbors during weekend excursions.

When the Sky View hits the rails in service, the North Shore Scenic Railroad will have First Class Dome Car Service on both of its signature excursions. Each Domecar will have its own car attendant and offer complimentary beverages and an individual charcuterie. They hope to have Domecar #551 ready to roll by July.

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According to the North Shore Scenic Railroad, Domecar #551 is one of only 17 like it left on the entire planet, The Budd Railcar company built 20 of these full-length dome cars between 1953 and 1955 and the North Shore Scenic Railroad bought this one from Iowa Pacific Holdings in the spring of 2021.

Dome cars like this one are rare, in total 236 dome cars were built, but only 30 of them feature glass windows from the front of the car to the rear. The car features not only a 360-degree view but enough room to seat 60 and has a dining lounge, a galley, and two washrooms.

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