The show is called "Holey Moley" and it is back for a second season this Summer.  This show gives mini-golf fanatics a chance to show off their skills as they compete head to head with other contestants from around the world. Not only do these  games entail an epic obstacle golf course, but each contestant is tested on other physical skills as well.

Walker Minnesota Native Jimmy Kellogg will be grabbing his club and give it his best shot as he  competes tonight for the prize money and sweet jacket. Kellogg said to WDIO: "Right before it started, like a month before the show aired, they're like, 'By the way, is it cool if you're on this like bachelor episode?' And I was like, 'What?! You trying to find me a wife?' OK, I'll make some putts and I'm down to find a wife."

This show seems like a combination of Wipe Out and an intensive round of Mini Golf which makes the competition not only harder, but even more entertaining for the audience and viewers. Stephen Curry is one of the executive producers for the show who happens to be a major golf enthusiast, so it makes sense that he is involved.

Kellogg admits he is more passionate about regular golf, but he loved the whacky nature of the show so he embraced his inner mini-golfer. To prepare for the show he did a lot of putting and of course played mini golf. Apparently the coordinators on the show told him to get as crazy as possible, but at one point they had to reign him in and told him to stick to the script.


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