Getting a COVID-19 vaccine should be pretty easy now. Most places are offering walk in vaccines with no appointment necessary. Recently, children 12 and older have also been able to get vaccines, but as I found out yesterday there are some exceptions.

Our 13 year old son has been nervous about getting vaccinated, which I understand. It's a big deal and there are some side effects that are generally mild. However, yesterday he decided he wanted to get the vaccine. Before he changed his mind I said, "let's go!" I tried calling ahead to a pharmacy that offers walk in vaccines but ended up getting an automated voice message. The message was from the national headquaters and said they were offering vaccines to anyone 12 or older at any of their stores.

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We got to the store to find out that they didn't vaccinate children at their location. The reason was because they only had the Moderna vaccine which has yet to be approved for anyone under 16. Fortunately they suggested that I go to the community based vaccination clinic at Wessman Arena. Only locations that are offering the Pfizer vaccine can give kids shots.

So a short drive down the road and there we were. We had to wear masks upon entering. I was a little worried they would ask for ID. He's 13 and has no ID. Fortunately mine was good enough and after about 5 minutes of questions we were back and he got his jab. We then waited for the 15 minute observation time and we were on our way. Total time? I think it took us about 20 minute. There was no wait, and hardly anyone in there.

The vaccination clinic at Wessman arena is open Tuesday-Saturday from 11am to 7pm. It's located at 2701 Catlin Avenue in Superior.

You also can schedule a vaccine through your health provider to find one that is approved for your child 12 or older.

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