A recently opened haunted house attraction has grown and expanded to offer some Halloween fun not only for the "spooky season", but throughout the entire year!

Known as Nowhere Haunted House, this Halloween entertainment attraction got its start for Halloween 2022 as a fully-indoor haunted house that offers different levels of scares to provide spooky fun for all levels of spooky enthusiasts.

Since opening in time for Halloween in 2022, they have gone on to expand to offer special haunt shows during other times of the year. Newly added are additional year-round attractions to get some scary fun in whenever your heart desires.

Where is Nowhere Haunted House?

Nowhere Haunted House is located near the intersection of 494 and South Robert Trail in the Salem Square complex in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota.

What are their Halloween haunted house offerings?

Haunts at Nowhere Haunted House come in a few different flavors, providing something for nearly every level of Halloween fan.

Here's a breakdown of the different tours at the haunted house, from mild to downright scary:

  • No-Scare Behind The Scenes Tours: Organizers say these tours are great for people who want to see how a haunted house operates behind the scenes and for kids interested in visiting a haunted house without actors jumping out or animatronics moving around. These tours are offered on Sundays from 1-4 pm in October.
  • Low-scare Tours: These tours offer the creepy fun of all of the lighting and animatronics of the haunted house, just without actors waiting to pop out and scare you. These are great for people who like a bit of a scare, just without the higher level of intensity. These tours are offered Saturdays in October from 1-4 pm
  • Main Haunted House Show: These tours ratchet up the intensity, bringing additional scares that include a number of actors throughout the tour. During these tours, actors will touch visitors. Recommended for ages 10+. These tours are Friday and Saturday nights in October 7-10 pm.
  • 18-Plus Nights: These tours take the scares to the max. These tours are for people 18 years and older, and do require a signed waiver. During these tours, actors can and will touch, grab, and engage with visitors on a level you can't get during the other tours. These special tours are only on select nights in October.

You can see detailed time information and ticket prices on their website.

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Here's a preview of this year's haunted house:

What else does Nowhere Haunted House offer?

Nowhere Haunted Hose
Nowhere Haunted House

This fall, Nowhere Haunted House announced the addition of a bunch of additional fun to satisfy your creepy cravings not only at Halloween, but throughout the year!

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Here's what has been added for this year:

  • Arcade
  • Concessions area that includes pizza, nachos, chicken tenders, and other treats and snacks
  • Family-friendly mini golf
  • Escape rooms

Get to know the Nowhere Mini Golf Course

Nowhere Haunted Hose
Nowhere Haunted House

The mini golf course is one of their year-round offerings that can provide spooky fun for birthday parties, events, or just a great time out with friends or family.

This 13-hole course doesn't require reservations and is recommended for players 5 and older. Each of the 13 holes on this course are hand-crafted with spooky themes like Frankenstein's Castle, black-lit circus midway, and more.

While spooky, the course is not meant to provide any scares or horror elements.

The mini golf course is open Wednesdays-Sundays, and closed Mondays & Tuesdays.

Meet the Nowhere Escape Rooms

Nowhere Haunted House
Nowhere Haunted House

Nowhere's escape rooms are set to open November 4, 2023, with two different themed rooms to start.

The first themed room is called "The Lucky Skull", which is set aboard a pirate ship. You and your friends will be searching for some treasure before pirates return to the ship. Take too long, and they'll make you walk the plank!

The second themed room is called "Eternal Unrest Funeral Home". This escape room is set in a Victorian-era mansion, used as a funeral home for awhile before being put up for sale. Your mission is to explore the haunted mansion, communicate with the spirits haunting it, and help them find peace before your time is up.

For information about everything Nowhere Haunted House has to offer through the year, you can learn more and get tickets via their website.

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