2020 is finally behind us. It was a long year and it was also a roller coaster when it came to the weather!

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We had everything from a heat wave in November to one of our snowiest days that month - ever! Now, the National Weather Service is letting us in on some year-end statistics regarding the Duluth area. They shared the stats on their Twitter account earlier this month.

In what was an unusual year all around, Duluth fared pretty well in terms of temperature. As you can tell, we hovered right around average in the Duluth area. When all was said and done, we hovered about half a degree above average. This is not too shabby!

We weren't average in terms of precipitation, however. According to the National Weather Service of Duluth, we saw below average precipitation. In fact, we saw about ten inches less than we usually do. We were able to make up for it when we saw snowfall near the end of the year.

Take a look at their graphic below:

Like I said, it was quite the year all around in 2020 so we will take these statistics and call it a win. January has been pretty mild so far so that should set a good tone for the start of the year. The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting periods of cold and snow for the month, which is totally normal for the area this time of year.

Here's to hoping we have a mild 2021 - by Twin Ports standards. Ha!

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