We appear to have finally turned the page, ending a long and historically snowy winter for the Land of 10,000 Lakes. While the far northern reaches of Minnesota still have a few traces of ice and snow left from the season that was, much of Minnesota has finally seen winter's artifacts recede to make way for a greening of plant life and more pleasant weather.

On a trip to the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth earlier this week, I saw the remnants of what was a massive 15+ foot-tall snow pile that took up a sizable amount of real estate throughout the season. That once massive mound is now a small pile of dirt and debris that's only a fraction of its once large footprint.

The state's historic snowfall led to goofy headlines about things like shopping cart-topped "Mt. Eden Prairie" and Duluth's "Superior Glaciers", showing a general desire of Minnesotans to try to make the most out of the sheer volume of snow we got over the winter.

Following the eventual melty death of these behemoths, I saw it fitting to write an ode to the mighty snowbanks that once stood tall and proud in our parking lots and elsewhere.

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*Clears throat*

TSM Duluth
TSM Duluth

An ode to the Minnesota parking lot snow pile at the end of the season

Oh, mighty snow pile of yestermonth,

In our parking lots you did appear, once.

With might and grandeur, you stood so tall,

A mammoth landmark of winter's card of call.

Oh, how we marveled at your icy might,

Collecting things from plows, everything within sight.

Stray mittens, pop bottles, even a shopping cart,

Things found within and on you were like abstract winter art.

Your size, in short, was truly insane,

Plugging up parking spots and even whole traffic lanes.

Getting around you sometimes was a nightmare,

At busy times, it truly required great care.

But alas, time flies, as it always does,

Spring arrived (eventually), melting you with a fuss.

You're now gone, a memory fading fast,

Revealing a heap of dirt and trash, aghast!

Once a prominent obstacle, now lowly and gray,

Discarded wrappers and rubble all on display.

You melted away, leaving behind a mess,

A small, dirty reminder of our winter, I guess.

Farewell, dear snow pile, you've enjoyed a lengthy stay,

Until next winter, when you'll return someday. 

Bring on summer! Too bad it also means road construction, ticks, and swarms of mosquitoes. The weather, despite all of those things, is still more appealing to me, though.

Most days. 😂

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