The Old City Hall Building on East Superior Street in downtown Duluth is one of the oldest in the city built back in 1886. Many different businesses have been in and out of that building, but this next project is most likely to last. A Boutique Style hotel.

As of right now Wesabi Japanese Restaurant will remain on the lower level and Rathskeller which is downstairs will stay too. The plan for the hotel is using the main floor and all of the upper level of the building with 13 hotel rooms total including a master suite which will be in the original council chambers.

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Rod Raymond who owns the building spoke with FOX21 about the plans:

The rooms will be perfect for travelers, wedding parties, and anyone wanting to enjoy the culture and history of old city hall. To let this building just sit idle I think would be a sin. To turn it into a space where you can actually enjoy it and use it. Kind of the sassy elements meet the historic elements to create this kind of springy, fun, ‘Great Gatsby’ vibe.

Raymond is right on the money regarding letting this beautiful building just sit and go to waste, that would be a tragedy. I have been inside and it has held up pretty nicely which obviously means the building has been well maintained over all of these years. With all the new hotels that have popped up over the years, with major events we still seem to need more hotel rooms and a distinctive place like this will get gobbled up pretty quickly. With construction expected to begin next week they are hoping to be open by the end of June. Also some perks for guests include a sauna and hot yoga.

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