Spring is in the air in the Northland and that is very evident in the Old Farmer's Almanac's prediction for the month of May.

As always, the Old Farmer's Almanac made predictions for the month ahead and what is in store for us in the region weather-wise.

According to their predictions, here's what we can expect for May:

From the 1st of May through the 5th, we will see sunshine and cool temperatures.

From May 6th through the 9th of May, we can expect periods of rain. Cool temperatures will continue.

Beginning May 10th through the 17th, scattered thunderstorms will take over. Temperatures will warm up a bit.

From the 18th of May to the 31st, we will see a few thunderstorms. Temperatures will turn cool once again.

The average temperature for the month will hit 58 degrees, which is three degrees below average.

We will see about three inches of rain, according to their prediction, which is about average for the month.

As for the month of April, the Old Farmer's Almanac was a little bit off, as they predicted a wet month with periods of rain and snow. As of the end of April, it was shaping up to be one of the driest on record.

I can't wait for nicer weather! It will be good for all of us cooped up with COVID-19 to get out and enjoy some sunshine.

By the way - the Old Farmer's Almanac makes long-term weather predictions by region.

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