Does Olivia Rodrigo have a new boyfriend?

The pop singer, 19, was recently linked to music executive Zack Bia, 26.

Apparently, a source told People that the two have been an item since the Super Bowl. But first...

Who Is Zack Bia?

Aside from being known for dating Madison Beer and being linked to Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline, Zack Bia co-founded Field Trip Recordings, an independent record label. The label has signed artists such as Yeat, Mallory Merk, and Slump6s.

Bia is also a DJ and club promoter, and has been a figure in Hollywood since the late 2010s.

Bia told i-D in 2020 that his parents are from Paris, but he was born in New York, before moving to Los Angeles at age 12 or 13. After getting his start working in LA clubs, he started celebrity hotspot Delilah with mentor John Terzian.

From there, he formed connections with Hollywood's most prominent stars, including the Jenner sisters and Drake.

Some have speculated that his success is due to alleged connections to the fashion label Dior.

In the same interview with i-D, Bia, whose full last name is Bialobos, said, "Someone found out my real last name, Googled it, and saw there was someone who worked at Dior who was distantly related to my dad—like two cousins removed from my dad’s side—and was not even the head of it."

In fact, Bia was actually raised by a single mom.

"I’m cool to talk about it now, but it’s been so funny because the biggest thing in my life has been my single mom raising me. She taught me everything and she’s such a beast, and the biggest knock on me is ‘his dad gave him everything,’ but it’s actually the exact opposite," he added.

The pairing was first suspected when Rodrigo was seen out with Bia in New York City ahead of the 2022 Met Gala.

Bia's previous relationship with Madison Beer was the subject of speculation when Beer tweeted in 2019, "Before you diagnose yourself with depression and anxiety make sure you’re not just surrounded by a--holes and people who don’t care about you."

Meanwhile, fans pointed out Bia's elusive presence in Hollywood.

"Zack Bia one of those people you don't know what he does but he friends with EVERYONE in the industry," one fan tweeted.

Others pointed out the age difference between Rodrigo and Bia.

"As a current 26 year old with so much life experience, I could not fathom dating or pursuing a 19 year old child romantically," another fan said.

Previously, Rodrigo was linked to music video producer Adam Faze in 2021.

However, after the news dropped, Bia denied the rumors in a video quote-tweeted by Twitter account @PopCrave.

"I mean it's obvious they're not," a fan replied.

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