Even though we have a big Spring snow storm coming, the thought of Summertime and being outdoors will keep your spirits up, and here are some awesome ideas that won't break the bank.

I am all about D.I.Y. projects, some I have done have failed miserably, but some were not so bad. If you want to spice up your outdoor living space on the cheap, I came across some really cool ideas.

1.) Marble Gazing Globe: I love the idea of putting these near some of our outdoor plants, and it is so easy. All you need is a styrofoam ball, some glue and glittery stones. This  looks amazing and costs basically nothing to make.

2.) Stepping Stones: These can be very expensive and a pain to haul from the store to your home. All you need is a plastic decorative tray to act as a mold and some cement. Pour in cement, let it dry, pop out mold and paint!

3.) Welcome Mat: Take a cheap plain doormat and add your own style with some paint, to make it truly unique and fun!