The Green Bay Packers are the first team to use a new robotic throwing machine that can simulate any pass from any quarterback in the NFL.

MonarcSport’s The Seeker has been used in College Football and by individual NFL players, but the Packers appear to be the first NFL team to be using the robotic quarterback at training camp to get ready for Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings for their week 1 matchup.

Not only can The Seeker simulate any throw at up to 75 MPH, but it can also be a robotic kicker and simulate any kick scenario coaches wanted to throw at special teams players. The Seeker can change the ball's location, distance, arc, and velocity to simulate Cousins or even Aaron Rodgers so the aging QB doesn't have to sling the ball as much during camp.

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In the video below, you can see that The Seeker's software can be programmed to know each attribute of each type of throw of opposing QBs (in this case Cousins) from ball release time to ball speed and more. I can certainly see how this would benefit timing on the defense and maybe help improve the chances of getting interceptions.

The Seeker also comes equipped with a manual mode, giving coaches and players the ability to use a joystick to select a spot on the field and have the ball delivered to that spot accurately every time. They also have the Pulse Tag available that players, up to 6 at a time, can wear so The Seeker can track them on the field giving them the ability to do drills solo.

Monarc, based in Dallas, was founded by some college students from Iowa that saw an opening to update the aging jug machines used by most college and pro teams, and according to MonarcSport has raised over a million dollars in seed funding.

Time will tell if The Seeker pays off for The Packers when they travel to US Bank Stadium on September 11th for the season opener, the game is scheduled to kick off at 3:25 PM. SKOL!

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