Cooper and I were talking about this last week, as Spring Break busts out in full swing, and this particular hotel knows how to have a little fun with all these sleepy college kids.

For anyone living in a tourist town that is a spring break destination, God bless you, because I went on three separate spring break trips when I was in college, and I was embarrassed by some of the antics I saw. I could not imagine being an adult having to endure this type of zoo every year.

But, a Holiday Inn in Panama City Beach Florida knows that these kids bring in a ton of money every year, so they are going to cater to them in a fun way. Check out is at 11am, so the hotel D.J. decided it would be kind of fun to play something in the courtyard to rustle up the sleepy students.

And then it happens, "The Circle of Life"  from the Lion King blares from the courtyard, as you see more and more students file out onto the balcony. I am pretty sure at :52 into the video you can see a gold flag with maroon lettering that says UMD on one of the balconies! What?! Epic!

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