Princes music will continue to live on for generations, but thanks to his former home now turned museum at Paisley Park, we as fans can continue to get an intimate look into his private world with the latest exhibit called "The Beautiful Collection" displaying part of his massive shoe collection.

At just 5'3" tall Prince was never seen in public without his signature shoes with the 4 inch heels. But he could move in them like they were a pair of broken in tennis shoes, jumping off a platform of speakers into the splits, spinning, jumping he could not be stopped.

This new display officially opens July 9 and like with so many things it is only going to be available for a little while. Over 300 pairs of Princes shoes will be on display many which were part of a years long restoration project. Watch exclusive performance footage along with the history and background of each pair of shoes.

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Also enjoy video interviews with Prince's design partners, see the Versace-Centric display area and learn about Prince's impacts on fashion and gender expression. His fashion was as bold as his music in every way. Obviously he had everything he wore hand made including all his footwear.

Just by the fact that Prince wore make up, heels and at times somewhat revealing clothing he was the target for lot's of criticism, but he usually let his music do the talking which either completely shut critics down or more likely fanned the flames. Just like with his music he was in complete control of his look and sense of style and for anyone who worked for him they knew that. What an amazing opportunity to see these shoes, some of which have been locked away for 30 years or more. For more information or to purchase tickets click Paisley Park Website.

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