WDSE-WRPT announced that you can now watch a free stream of their PBS North channel for free, here's how.

Anyone in the broadcast area can now watch PBS North on most internet-connected devices including smartphones, laptops, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire Stick. All you have to do to watch is go here to PBS.org.

Another easy way to watch the stream is to look for the free PBS Video App, which not only gives you access to PBS North but lots of on-demand options of popular PBS shows and series.

The new stream will give access to anyone in the region to watch PBS North and their selection of locally produced programming even if they aren't able to get PS North in the traditional over the air broadcasting.

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“We are pleased to offer this additional option for viewers of PBS North to access all of our amazing shows,” said Jon Panzer, WDSE•WRPT’s Chief Engineer in a press release. “From our At Home Learning programming block and PBS KIDS programs during the day, to our educational shows in the evening, to our beloved dramas on the weekends, now, more than ever, there are more ways to watch WDSE•WRPT!”

For the little ones, PBS KIDS is also available to stream anytime by going to PBSKids.org or downloading the free PBS KIDS Video app.

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