Remember a few years ago when Katy Perry and Russell Brand were inseparable? And in love? And, you know, married?

Apparently she doesn't. When rumors hit that Perry may have been swapping spit with her now-ex husband, she deftly and maturely denied them. Well, maybe not maturely.

Professional bottom feeder Perez Hilton posted a rumor that Perry and Brand were spotted sucking face at Soho House in Los Angeles. When the 'Wide Awake' singer caught wind of it on Twitter, she replied to a post promoting it (the original which has since been deleted) thusly:

Perry was quoting 'Clueless,' obvs, in her emphatic refuting of the rumors. Perhaps she could have added in a "I was just 'rollin' with the homies'" for extra effect. Hilton has since erased the post that inspired all of the Twitter talk, but the damage likely had been done -- especially since Perry had been rumored to be crying on Brand's shoulder following her split from John Mayer.

C'Mon girl, it's about time you upgraded!

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