Howard Stern grilled Russell Brand on ex-wife Katy Perry and her new relationship with John Mayer. Brand and Mayer both have reps for being ladies men, so Stern basically had the guts, as he always does, to ask the question on everyone's mind. We all want to know what he's thinking and feeling.

When Stern joked that Mayer rivaled Brand in terms of who's a worse serial dater, Brand joked, "Worse or better, depending on how you view it." Clearly, the comedian has a sense of humor about his ex-wife, a year removed from their split.

When Stern joked that Mayer was a better womanizer, Brand was offended! "Hold on, I resent that! I'm world class," he declared.

Brand also showed that he has moved on. "You have to let go of the instinct to protect someone once you divorce them," Brand said. That's an evolved way of thinking. He also confessed that "I will not comprise my ex-wife's vagina for the sake of ratings" and complimented her, saying, "That woman was perfect top to bottom."

Clearly, Brand still has a lot of fondness for his ex-wife.

While Perry is coupled up with Mayer, Brand remains a single man, since he's not interested in bed hopping. He wants love, dammit! "I'm not dating anybody," he said. "Actually, I'd like a romance. Not so much playing the field, just going through life, meditating, doing yoga, concentrating on this TV show and trying to find a nice wife."

Oh Russell, you are so romantic. Mayer is more of a cad than you!

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