Donald Trump's election victory prevented the U.S. from having its first female president. During an interview with Hot 97, Pharrell shares his belief that this result will help women recognize their true power to affect change.

“This is the time when women realize that they should’ve went even harder with the women’s lib thing in the 70s, and they’re gonna do it this time,” Pharrell says at the 17:55-mark of the above video. “I think women are gonna recognize, they really just wanna say, ‘You know what? We don’t like the way our species is behaving on this planet. So that’s it, no more babies.’ I think now’s the time when women recognize that power.”

Pharrell's conversation with Hot 97 also touched on how the election results will impact people of color. The acclaimed producer sees minorities uniting like never before. He predicts a lot of great art will be produced during Trump's presidency too.

“I think that minorities are gonna come together in a way that we’ve never seen before cause they’re gonna realize there’s strength in numbers,” he shares around the 20:30-mark. “And I think that art – music, design, fashion – is going to be incredible. Like I think that everyone’s given a whole new load of inspiration."

The rapper was on the radio promoting the new film Hidden Figures, which he is producing. The movie tells the story of NASA's West Area Computing Unit, a group of black female mathematicians whose calculations helped John Glenn become the first American to orbit the Earth.

“When I first heard about it, I was super excited,” he reveals. “I couldn’t believe this story existed. But then when you think about it, those women were victims of that era, that circumstance."

Hidden Figures is scheduled to hit theaters on Dec. 25. Taraji P. Henson stars as Katherine Johnson, one of the mathematicians who calculated flight trajectories for NASA.

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