One of the inevitable parts of bringing your pet to the park is the cleanup process. Most parks have pet cleanup materials and waste receptacles to help keep parks clean for everyone to enjoy, but one group in Mexico is taking the pet cleanup task into the 21st century, by trading in your pet's waste for free WiFi in the park.

Mexican internet company Terra has set up a pilot program in 10 Mexico City parks, where special pet waste receptacles will weigh waste and then offer free wireless internet to the park for a time. The more waste placed in the machine, the longer your free WiFi connection will be turned on.

Although geared primarily toward pet waste, the company also welcomes users to place trash found around the park into the machine, offering the incentive of free internet access for doing a good deed or cleaning up after your park outing. This means you don't necessarily need a big dog with an active digestive system to enjoy some extended use.

Is this really a brilliant idea? Personally I feel like time spent at the park doesn't require internet access, plus I'm the type to clean up after myself because it's the right thing to do - not because I get something out of it. What do you think? Would you use something like this if it came to town?

Here's the promotional video Terra has made about the service.

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