At least 200 people have been injured and at least 50 were killed in a mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival Sunday Night in Las Vegas, Nevada. A phone number has been set up to find missing people that were in the area. Call (866) 535-5654.

This is a developing story. Updates added as they become available.

Update: 11:00 am CT

Law enforcement speaking during a press conference say that there was a sizable police presence in the area of the concert, as is the case with all major events in the area. During his stay at the hotel, there were no signs law enforcement are aware of that would have indicated that Paddock had plans to commit this shooting.

The Clark County Sheriff said it is believed Paddock broke the hotel window of his 32nd floor room with  a "hammer-like" object before opening fire into the crowd at the festival. He is believed to have had at least 10 guns in the room. He was found dead in his room when officers entered.

Update: 10:39 am CT

In a press event with Las Vegas officials, it was shared that the number dead is now at least 58 and that 515 that have been confirmed injured. Officials are ensuring those in the area that there is no ongoing threat, and that they continue to believe this was a "lone-wolf" attack.

Police continue to say that there is no known threat between Paddock and any foreign terror group. The Associated Press further backed up this statement, saying the FBI says there is no connection between the shooter any any international terror organization.

Suspected shooter Stephen Paddock was allegedly staying in the hotel room at Mandalay Bay since last Thursday. More information is coming out about the shooter. Paddock's brother spoke out this morning, saying he is “completely dumbfounded” by the shooting.

Paddock lived in a retirement community in Nevada with a woman who is not believed to have been involved. Early reports show no previous run-ins with police. Here is more from the Associated Press about Paddock:

Update: 9:45 am CT

CBS News is reporting that ISIS is claiming responsibility for the mass shooting in Las Vegas. A pair of statements have been released by the terror group, saying the shooter converted to Islam several months ago and carried out the attack on behalf of ISIS. The group offers no proof of this claim and did not identify him by name. News organizations and government officials have not released any evidence of any connections between Paddock and ISIS at this time.

President Trump spoke in a press conference this morning, saying the FBI and other agencies are working with Las Vegas officials on the investigation. The President did not refer to the shooting as an act of terrorism at this time. He plans to visit Las Vegas later this week to visit first responders, victims, and families.

Update: 8:00 am CT

The Associated Press is reporting that police found suspected gunman Stephen Paddock was found dead in his room, and was not killed in a conflict with police.

MSN is reporting that the number injured is now over 400 and the death toll remains at 50 of the roughly 22,000 people in the crowd at the concert. At least 406 people were taken to Las Vegas area hospitals to treat injuries. Suspected gunman Stephen Paddock reportedly had 10 rifles in his hotel room. He is not believed to be a part of any militant group and a motive for the shooting is unknown at this time

A Minnesotan at the festival, Taylor Dumbrovski from Cold Spring, talked to KARE 11 about the incident. She explained that Jason Aldean was "3 or 4 songs" into his set when a couple bangs went off doing one of his songs. She recalled turning to her fiancé and asking "What was that?" She initially thought the noises were fireworks before realizing that it was gunfire into the crowd. Taylor and her fiancé say they ran about 4 miles the other direction, away from where the shots were being fired. Learn more in the video from KARE 11 below.

Update: 6:00 am CT

At least 50 have been confirmed dead and at least 200 injured in what is now the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. Many of those in the crowd reported first hearing gunshots, thinking that it was pyrotechnics initially.

CNN reports the shooting was the act of a lone gunman that took aim at the festival from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort. The gunman, identified by Las Vegas Police as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock of Las Vegas, opened fire shortly after 10 pm Las Vegas time. Police say they believe was the sole actor in this shooting.

Paddock reportedly checked into Mandalay Bay as a guest. Once police determined where the shooting was coming from, they entered the room. Conflicting stories are out at this time. Some suggest police confronted and killed the gunman in the hotel room, while other reports suggest he took his own life before police entered the room. More on this as it becomes available.

Jason Aldean was onstage (video) when the shooting had begun. Other acts that were part of Sunday night's performances at the three day festival included Jake Owen, Luke Combs, and Kane Brown. Chris Young, who was also at the festival, hid in a trailer backstage as gunshots were fired by the gunman.

Many of the performers at the event took to social media to share updates on the situation, including Jason, who explained that he and his crew were safe and offer his thoughts and prayers for those in the crowd.

Update: 1:05 am CT

Scary situation coming in from Las Vegas. Las Vegas Police have just released a statement on twitter stating that they are looking into reports of an active shooter around Mandalay Bay Casino.

The Route 91 Country Music Festival is going on right now at the Las Vegas Village, which is "a 15-acre entertainment, sports and festival outdoor venue. The Village is capable of hosting more than 25,000 guests while providing a quality event experience that features 8 VIP suites, turf and trees in desired areas, food and beverage outlets and over 20,000 hotel rooms within a half-mile walking distance." according to MGM Resorts.

Mandalay Bay is located less than half a mile away from the Las Vegas Village according to Google Maps. Scheduled to perform at the festival tonight was Luke Combs, Jake Owen and Jason Aldean amongst others. Combs and Owens took to twitter to tell people they were ok.

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