I am far from being an outdoors explorer so my chances of ever seeing a moose is pretty rare, unless I happen to be hanging out in Lester Park at just the right time.  But this is an extra cool experience that is very rare to see.

A family in Wyoming happened to notice this bull moose outside the window and decided to start filming, having no idea they were in for a rare treat. At one point the moose shook and one of his antlers flew right off. According to worldofanimals.org  moose shed their antlers every year with older ones tending to lose them in the winter and younger bulls lose them in the Spring.

One of my favorite parts of this video is the chatter from the kids in the background. The girl who is speaking is hilarious, she is all over the place and at one point said how she felt bad for him. I am guessing he is probably relieved since some of those antlers can weigh up to 40 pounds.

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