Amaya Nelson, a 17-year old Two Harbors girl who was seriously injured when her car struck a moose, is currently in a Duluth hospital and a GoFundMe page has been started.

According to, Amaya was driving her vehicle about 40 miles east of Eveleth, with her boyfriend Remington at her side.  At about 11:15 p.m., the collision took place and sent her car down a hill.

Despite suffering severe injuries, she clawed her way back up to the highway to get help.

The GoFundMe page, established by her family, described the accident:

Amaya Nelson is a 17-Year-Old high school student that was involved in a tragic accident on July 8, 2019, where her sub-compact car collided with a large bull moose.

On July 8, Amaya was driving with her boyfriend, Remington, to go home to see her dad in northern Minnesota when a moose jumped in front of her Dodge Neon. Even though she was driving the speed limit, there was no room to stop, and her subcompact car hit the moose with 127 Tons of force. The moose rolled onto her car, collapsing the roof and forcing the brunt of the 1,400 lb animal's body against Amaya.

Since the moose was so large, the front bumper of the car only hit the animal's legs, meaning the airbags did not deploy. Both Amaya and her boyfriend were wearing their seatbelts, which helped saved their lives.

First responders have said that it is a miracle that Amaya and her boyfriend survived the accident.

The moose did not survive the collision. Game wardens turned the animal over to local Native American tribes where it will be processed and distributed to tribal members for food.

The full extent of Amaya's injuries are still being determined but her injuries include extensive facial trauma, with multiple fractures to her skull, broken eye socket, broken palate, both cheek bones broken, broken nose/nose bridge, shattered nasal cavities, damage to her teeth which will require dental surgery, bruising on her brain stem, and damage to the cerebral membrane (which is the protective lining of her brain), resulting in an internal leak of cerebrospinal fluid.

After initially being treated and released, her boyfriend is now receiving care at a Duluth hospital.

The money raised in the GoFundMe campaign will go toward Amaya's care and to help her get a new car with modern safety features.

Follow the link below to access the page, which includes photos from the accident.  After looking at her car and seeing her injuries, it's amazing that she survived.


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