Thankfully we have had only one legitimate prankster Creepy Clown sighting in Minnesota, so I thought I would look at the opposite end of the clown spectrum to see how they feel about this absurd trend.

According to the World Clown Association this is no laughing matter and they are fighting back. WCA President Randy Christenson who lives in Minnesota, has said that just because someone is dressed in a clown mask does not make them a real clown, and he along with many other professional clowns are very disturbed by the creepy clown trend.

Christenson has said that many professional clowns are losing business because parents are distancing themselves away from clowns due to all the bad publicity and scare tactics generated by social media. Christenson like many people who are professional clowns wanted to dress up to make people happy and make them smile, the opposite of these pranksters.

The WCA (World Clown Association) is based in Michigan and has more than 2,000 members from 30 different countries. Christenson has been inundated with calls from members about what to do? Christenson said he wishes people would stop referring to these pranksters as clowns, and said all this bad publicity breaks his heart.

Hopefully this weird trend will go by the wayside so these clowns can all hop into one car and head off into the sunset to bring joy and laughter.