You've seen him just about everywhere in the Twin Cities Metro area and beyond. Kris Lindahl on a billboard with his arms outstretched advertising a guaranteed offer. The billboards have worked for Kris Lindahl Real Estate. He's actually trademarked the arms outstretch pose, and is now suing another realtor over copyright infringement and breach of contract.

Bring Me The News reports that Lindahl has filed a lawsuit against Golfi Realty based in Ontario, Canada. Lindahl's team accuses Rob Golfi of using the arms outreached pose in marketing campaigns including social media, online, and bus advertisements.

The lawsuit also claims that the defendant Rob Golfi attended a Kris Lindahl seminar in 2021. As part of attending the seminar, Kris Lindahl Real Estate says they had attendees sign an agreement that prohibits "the unauthorized use or distribution of the proprietary concepts, materials, and intellectual property." This is what led to the breach of contract claims.

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The lawsuit also indicates a specific marketing promotion where Kris Lindahl had a campaign spoof advertisement that was on social media in 2019.

Last year Rob Golfi posted an extremely similar, if not identical promotional campaign.

Kris Lindahl Real Estate claims to have tried to resolve this conflict outside of court but ultimately filed the lawsuit to protect the marketing that they worked so hard to develop.

"In this case, taking legal action was a last resort, and it followed our repeated requests and efforts to resolve the situation outside of court. We brought this action to stand up for the hard work our team puts into our successful marketing campaign and to protect our customers and agents who rely on our innovative methods to sell or buy a home."

The lawsuit is requesting the court to order Golfi Realty to stop committing breaches of the contract and acts of infringement. They are also asking to award Kris Lindahl Real Estate damages as compensation.

Fox 9 in Minneapolis also reported on this story on Monday night.

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