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Unfortunately you here about this all the time, people getting packages that were delivered, stolen right out from underneath them. And some of them, like this guy were caught on camera doing it!

In this day and age when so many people shop for items on-line, gone are the days where you have to be home in order for your delivery to be dropped off. How sad is that, that you have to worry about someone stealing your packages?

A man and his family in Studio City California had 3 packages taken off the front porch in broad daylight after a UPS driver dropped them off, and did not knock or ring the doorbell. The Irony is that his daughter was home at the time, so she would have been able to go get them, had she known they were delivered. This video is a sad reminder of what type of world we live in.

As a side note, I always have anything I order on-line delivered to work, so I don't have packages sent to my house when I am not home.